Calgary Seeing Ice Dogs

Calgary Blind Hockey Starts Here!

Welcome to the Game!

We play at the Rose Kohn Arena every Sunday night 8:30-9:30 from October through March. To view map and more details, click here.

The Players

Who Can Play?

The Calgary Seeing Ice Dogs are an ice hockey team made up of blind and visually impaired players ranging in ages from 13-65 years old. Normal sighted volunteers help the players play a fairly normal game of hockey. The team’s mission is to provide for it’s members a safe and fun opportunity to play hockey. There are both males and females on the team and new members are always welcome. There is no experience necessary. Memberships are $100.00 for the year. Players require equipment and a stick but this can be provided if necessary.

The Play

The play looks like a fairly normal game of hockey. Only visually impaired players are aloud to score. Sited volunteers help by making passes and giving verbal directions to the blind players. In the offensive zone a goal cannot occur until at least one pass is made to a visually impaired player. There is no body contact or slapshots aloud.

The Puck

The puck we use is latger than a normal puck and is metal with ball bearings inside of it. This allows visually impaired players a greater chance to see the puck and to track it's sound.

Hockey Connections

Blind National Tournament

Each year the Seeing Ice Dogs along with teams and players from all across Canada and New York state play in a recreational tournament in Toronto at the site of the old Maple Leaf Gardens. This 3 day tournament culminates in Gold, Silver and Bronze medal games and the players enjoy a wonderful weekend of playing hockey and socializing with new friends. ... more

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